St Gaudens $20 Double Eagle

This gold coin was minted and issued by the United States mint between 1907 and 1933 as a coin for circulation, and its design replaced the older ‘coronet head’ $20 double eagle. The St Gaudens is regarded by some collectors as the most beautiful US coin ever made. Its gold content is 0.9675 ounces out of a total weight of 1.075 ounces (the coin is 10% copper), and has a diameter of 34mm. These coins are often referred to by collectors as ‘Saints’.

The St Gaudens Double Eagle

The coin is named after its designer, Augustus St Gaudens, an Irish artist and sculptor, who also designed the $10 Indian head gold eagle coin.The obverse of the coin features lady Liberty, and the reverse has a bald eagle. The coin was minted in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

The Standard Catalog of Modern World Gold coins reveals that some rarer examples of the St Gaudens $20 Double Eagles are particularly valuable. These include the 1920S, 1921P, 1927D, 1930S, 1931P, 1931D, 1932P and 1933P coins (there are only 11 known of the last coin.) However, all St Gaudens are seen as good investments, as they have a high gold content (almost one ounce) along with a high collector value.

Note: The St Gaudens Liberty design is also used on the obverse of American Eagle Bullion coins issued from 1986 onwards, including the $5 coin (0.1oz), $10 coin (0.25oz), $25 coin (0.5oz) and $50 coin (1oz).