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There are two reasons for wishing to know the price of a gold coin, or to find a price guide of some sort. 

The first reason is that you already own a coin, perhaps one that has been in the family for a while, and you want to know the value of the coin. Or, you have been collecting and want to assess what your gold coin collection may be worth.

The second reason may be that you are interested in buying a particular gold coin, and want to know what is a fair price to pay for it.

Whatever your reason, here is a guide to some of the resources, both traditional and online, which will help you find the current price or value of any gold coin.

The resources on the page below are:

1. Standard Catalog of Modern World Gold Coins

2. eBay

3. US Coin Values Advisor

4. Teletrade

5. Cruzi Coins and Silverandgoldaremoney.com

6. A wholesale gold coin price guide

7. Online Forums

1. The Standard Catalog of Modern World Gold Coins 1801 - present

This is a large book published by Krause Publications, which covers the gold coins issued by all nations from 1801 onwards. If you are serious about collecting gold coins, this book is essential, since the depth of information it covers is not available online. It covers both historical or 'circulation' gold coins and bullion gold coins.

For every coin in the book there is an 'actual size' illustration, the weight, the fineness of the gold used in the coin, the Actual Gold Weight in the coin, the mintage numbers and the value of the coin according to its grade. (Of course, you will have to adjust that value with respect to the current price of gold.)

Here is an example of the kind of information this book carries: this is for Indian Head $10 gold coins.

Find the price of any gold coin

Notice the extremely useful information provided for a collector or owner of one of these coins – a high quality illustration, descriptions of the varieties available, and a guide to the coin values – and note the huge differences in value to be found sometimes between very similar coins.

When you consider that similar information is provided for every gold coin of every nation of the last 200 years you can see why we think this book is essential for collectors.

Have a look here if you want to buy the book or read some customer reviews of it - Standard Catalog of Modern World Gold Coins.

2. eBay

The famous online auction site is a good place to browse and discover what a particular coin is selling for. Remember that under Advanced Search you can save your searches in eBay, and get email alerts when new items are listed. Another useful eBay option is to look at the coin type you are interested in under 'Buy Now'. Sellers or merchants have a good idea of what the market price of a particular coin is, or they wouldn't be in business, so you can treat any listings like this as the 'top' price a coin would sell for.

Some examples are given on these pages:




Here are a couple of listings from eBay, for Gold Eagles and Maple leafs, showing the current Buy Now Prices which sellers are looking for:



If you simply want to look at completed auctions and see the prices the coins actually sold for, use the 'Completed listings' checkbox in eBay's Advanced Search.

Here is a chart showing what some gold coins actually sold for on eBay yesterday. 

ebay gold prices

ebay Gold Prices provided by Gold Price .org



3. US Coin Values Advisor

This site presents tables with coin values and trends - very useful reading about many American gold coins.


4.  Teletrade

They have online coin auctions three times a week, but also show a 'Prices Realized' list following each auction, which lets you see how much collectors are currently paying for historical gold coins and modern bullion coins. The prices shown are for high quality slabbed and graded coins, usually.


5. Cruzi Coins

We describe this page here. It allows you to display the current gold value of many popular gold coins, based on the current price of gold.

Silverandgoldaremoney.com also has a calculator which shows the gold value of many gold coins from different countries, at the current spot price of gold.


6. A wholesale gold coin price guide

Coininfo.com has a very useful all-in-one price guide page which shows the price which dealers are paying for all kinds of gold coins. It covers bullion gold coins from the USA and many other countries, and also shows the gold value of many popular historical gold coins. The prices are based on the current spot price of gold.


7. Online Forums

To be honest, we spend far too long every day browsing the gold bullion and gold coin forums. But the information provided there is useful on many levels – it tracks movements in the metals markets which impact on the price of bullion coins, it warns us about current fake coins in circulation, it suggests good sources for buying bullion coins, and it gives us a sense of being part of a community of others who believe that acquiring gold is a way to protect our savings.

So where are these gold coin related forums which are worth looking at every day?

Cointalk covers everything to do with numismatics and coin collecting, including bullion coins. A permanent 'What's it worth' thread allows users to have coins identified and valued.

Kitco has a gold forum frequented by well-informed people whose main interest is finding low cost gold to buy (as well as the reasons for the spot price of gold's latest move up or down). There are often discussions of current prices.

Goldismoney has a forum covering all aspects of buying and collecting gold coins of all kinds, and related issues. Again, prices are a main focus of the discussions.



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