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If you want to own gold, but don't want the trouble of actually storing gold coins or bullion, there are other ways to do it.

You can buy gold from a service which will store the gold for you - you don't actually have to take possession of it, although you own it.

When the times comes to sell, you can do that too, and the dollar value of the gold at the time of the sale is then transferred to your bank account.

These services emphasize the convenience and safety of owning gold without actually having to 'look after' it (though you can take physical delivery of your gold if you wish).

Sometimes customers are worried that the gold purchasing service does not actually have all the gold in storage that their customers have purchased, but legitimate services are audited, and publish third party accounts which prove their actual holdings.

To find out more about such an audited service, which you can use to safely and conveniently own gold, try this link:

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