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Hoax alert: A story which originally appeared in examiner.com and is available on gold.org suggested recently that the United Nations had plans to issue a gold bullion coin featuring the UN logo called the 'oro' which commentators who jumped on the story interpreted to mean would be a new 'world currency'.

The story, which seems to have had little basis in fact and a lot of basis in speculation or imagination, has now been pulled from the site as it is not factual.

However, I predict this one will now assume the status of a true internet meme, or even an urban legend, and be solemnly passed on by conspiracy theorists for ever, probably the same ones who believe in the New World order, the Illuminati, the upcoming 'World Government' and so on. As if a world which can't even agree at Copenhagen to limit its greenhouse gas emissions to save itself from disaster could ever have a government...

The UN only issues commemorative coins.

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