Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

This bullion coin, which is often called a Gold Maple but officially named the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, is produced from gold from Canadian mines.


Canadian Gold Maple Leaf . This is the 1oz, $50 face value size

The Maple Leaf has been available from 1979, and is one of the most recognized and trusted bullion coins, being produced by the Royal Canadian mint. It is a legal tender coin, and the 1 troy ounce version has a face value of $50 Canadian – this is of course much less than the actual value of gold it contains, and the coin is not meant for circulation. There are also 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz coins of a similar design. All recent coins have a fineness of 0.9999. In other words, they are 99.99% pure gold. They all feature a maple leaf on one side and the Queen on the other.

Because Canadian Gold Maples are made of very pure gold, they are easy to damage, and should not be handled more than necessary. Don’t drop them either! Many owners put them straight into plastic Airtite capsules on purchase. More than any other modern gold coin, the Maple has a ‘golden’ look about it, as it is not alloyed with copper or any other metal.